Frequently Asked Questions

Beados are the bead activity line from Moose Enterprise. They are the magic beads that join together with a spray of water. Create cute, fun designs in 3 easy steps - Make, Spray and Dry!

The beads are made from an inert plastic material often found in school and wood glues, materials approved for use in cosmetic products and colours approved for use in food and/or cosmetics allowed to be in contact with all parts of the body including the mouth. The embittering agent, which is an ingredient added to make the beads unpalatable, has a long history of safe use and is often found in household products that must not be consumed.

All of the Beados ingredients have been checked and tested by independent testing laboratories to ensure that the product is not likely to pose a threat to the health of the intended consumers under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. Moose Enterprise has a strict policy of testing all its products and ensuring they comply with all relevant Australian and International Toy Safety standards. In additional Moose undertakes ongoing checks to ensure the continued safety of its products.

The beads have a bitter taste that is detected soon after placing in the mouth. They are not intended to be eaten and consumption of a large quantity of beads is therefore unlikely. If a few of the beads are eaten, tests show that they should breakdown and pass through the body. Drinking water is advised but vomiting must not be induced. Medical advice should be obtained as a precaution when large quantities have been ingested. Moose Enterprise will be pleased to provide any information concerning ingredients to a Physician upon request.

The beads are solid but in use will become sticky when sprayed with water. At this stage there is a possibility that the sticky residue can end up on the skin and or in the eyes through the action of rubbing. In this case, simply rinse with plain water until the residue is removed. The materials are generally non-irritating but as with all such products a mild irritation is possible. The child might also carry a residue of the embittering agent on the skin after extensive handling of the beads during play. This will not taste nice if a finger or thumb is placed in the mouth. For that reason Moose Enterprise recommends that children wash their hands after playing with the beads.

If you require further information or guidance please refer the the official Moose Enterprise Contact Page for more details.

Design Tips and Tricks

There are 2 main reasons for beads not sticking together.

  1. There is not enough water on the bead design so the beads don’t bind together properly.
  2. Too much water will increase the time it takes to dry. The designs will be weak and not stick together if they are still wet. For small designs you will only need 2-3 sprays to cover all the beads with water. For large designs it will take 5-6 sprays to cover the whole design with water. The designs should be dry after 20-25 minutes and ready to take off the bead tray.

The tray needs to be clean for best results. Any sticky residue left on the tray from previous designs will cause the beads to stick to the surface of the tray. Make sure the trays are cleaned with warm soapy water after use, tapped of excess water and allowed to air dry. You can also use the design template to gently slide under a dry bead design on the tray to help remove it without breaking.

If a bead design breaks you can place it back on the tray and spray a little water where the beads have come apart and allow to dry. To make bead designs stronger you can also spray water on the reverse side of final design and let it dry overnight.

On the Beados website you can find templates that you can print and draw your own designs onto. Then simply cut them out and place under the tray to make the design. Bead refill packs can also be purchased so there is no limit to what you can create.